What is FloatBG?

FloatBG slowly changes the color of the root window (desktop).


Jan Rekers, the original author of FloatBG, created the original release in 1989. Over the years, many patches have been contributed to FloatBG through the Debian GNU/Linux project. Current development centers around adding featues such as new modes, a configuration file, more ellegant startup/shutdown and integration with KDE and GNOME.


FloatBG is functional, however it is currently pre-1.0. Jan Reker's original (and configurable) pastel color model works, however additional models have not been added. Please download the current version from sourceforge.net.


Would you like to help out? Please make suggestions for improvements or send me patches. Do you know some C? Xlib? HTML? Interested in coding, packaging or creating a nicer web page? Please email me at xquercus < at > users < dot > sourceforge < dot > net. Thanks!

Jeff Stevens

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